3F, 3M, 1 M child

80 minutes

Afterlight is about a quiet Northeastern town where a school bus accident kills the beloved bus driver.  A seven-year-old boy sees albino butterflies at the crash site, and suddenly all the residents have to deal with things that they cannot understand: wolf sightings, noises under the floorboards, and the feeling that death is ever present.  The members of the community are increasingly unsettled and energized by their circumstances, forcing them confront the messy nature of grief, the fragility of hope, and the dangers of loving someone deeply. Afterlight is a story inspired by modern surrealist photography; it captures a moment in time with a single image and juxtaposes the natural with the supernatural.

Produced by Threads Theatre Company as part of the NY International Fringe Festival at the Cherry Lane Theatre, August 2009.

Published by Indie Theater Now.