Time Out NY review of AFTERLIGHT

*** [THREE STARS] Monica Flory’s engaging Afterlight takes place at twilight, but don’t expect any vampires prowling about. Instead, Flory invokes elements of magical realism to tell three stories about characters struggling with transitions. Michael and Louise (Angus Hepburn and Kim Carlson), now in their sixties, still haven’t come to terms with the child they lost years ago. Pregnant Ann (Kimberly Prentice) is having a baby with Hess (Frank Mihelich), who resists playing father to her son Shane (Tyler Merna). And teenage Pru (Allyson Morgan), enjoying summer love with boyfriend Hunter (Davi Santos), longs to know who her father is. It takes the death of a school bus driver to bring them together and set them on new paths. Misti B. Wills’s production generates some effective, nuanced performances, and although the pace is maddeningly slow at times—and these slice-of-life
stories aren’t superbly sewn together at the end of 80 minutes—Flory’s characters have the pluck and emotional weight to hold you captive.—Diane Snyder, freelance writer