UrbanBaby article about ONCE UPON A PANDORA’S BOX

Child Stars

You’re no Dina Lohan, but you do love to nurture your child’s dramatic tendencies by exposing her to the performing arts. Bursting into a Broadway show tune is far preferable to expressing oneself through temper tantrums. Take the little diva to a new show opening today, where six of the stars are underage. Once Upon a Pandora’s Box is an original play by The New Acting Company, a Village-based family theater group that uses the stage as a place to teach young children through teens (not to mention adults) to value individuality, trust, friendship and teamwork. In the meantime, the company creates what’s been called some of the best children’s theater around. In this latest storyline, Tabitha, a studious smarty-pants, and Louis, her jock brother, happen upon a mysterious box in their Manhattan apartment. Inside hide five familiar fairy tale villains, from the Big Bad Wolf to The Fairest Beauty in the Land. These characters are eager to jump out and wreak havoc upon the modern world, and it’s up to the siblings to combine their different talents to stop them. Continuing through May 6, the show’s ensemble features child (and a few adult) actors trained by The New Acting Company, and its content will appeal even to children as young as 5. Future Lindsays, Ravens and Hilarys, beware.